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Studying Economics or Management at the ZUT Faculty of Economics, you will learn how to make efficient economic decisions and solve economic problems. You will acquire broad knowledge in economics and the functioning of an organization with the use of modern technologies. In the future, you can find employment in economic units of business enterprises, in government and local government administration, in financial, insurance and consultancy institutions, real estate companies, in accounting and tax offices. In addition, the studies at the Faculty of Economics will prepare you to run your own business.

The youngest faculty of the University; in 2021 it celebrated its 35th year of activity.

Economics – bachelor degree after 3 years and master degree after 2 next, specialties:

  • economics of tourism
  • economic analyst
  • foreign trade
  • logistics in a production company
  • organization of trade and services
  • international economic relations
  • accounting and finance in business entities
  • real estate economy

Management – studies conferring the bachelor’s degree after 3 years; specialties:

  • regional and local government economy
  • logistics in a technology company
  • accounting in management
  • real estate valuation and management
  • enterprise information management
  • crisis management
  • Human Resources management

Our students can take part in such classes as: law, mathematics, statistics, economics, econometrics, economic policy, economics of agro-tourism, accounting, European integration, methods of projects assessing, new technologies, design of www, strategic management, marketing, corporate image, logistics, innovations and protection of intellectual property, foreign trade, economic analysis, local economy,  management of real estates, and many others.

Structure of the Faculty


Prof. Bartosz Mickiewicz Bartosz.Mickiewicz@zut.edu.pl

Vice-Dean For Students and Educational Affairs:

Monika Śpiewak-Szyjka, PhD. Monika.Spiewak-Szyjka@zut.edu.pl

Vice-dean for Students and Educational Affairs:

Anna Oleńczuk-Paszel, PhD Anna.Olenczuk-Paszel@zut.edu.pl

Vice-dean for Development and Cooperation 

Prof. Agnieszka Brelik Agnieszka.Brelik@zut.edu.pl

Department of Economics and Accounting    

Head: Prof. Irena Łącka

Department of Enterprise Management  

Head: Prof. Aleksandra Grzesiuk

Department of System Analysis and Marketing    

Head: Prof. Grażyna Karmowska

Department of Mathematical Applications in Economy

Head: Prof. Iwona Bąk

Department of European and Regional Studies  

Head: Prof. Agnieszka Brelik

Department of Real Estate  

Head: Prof. Maciej Nowak

Head of the Deanery:

Ms. Elżbieta Młynek


Phone: +48 91 449 69 50

The Faculty of Economics

Żołnierska Street 47

71-210 Szczecin




  • winter semester:   starts 1st October, ends at the end of January
  • between semesters we have 3-weeks break: two weeks of exams, one week of holidays
  • summer semester:  starts in third week of February, and ends in mid-June   
  • after summer semester  we have two weeks of exams (to the end of June usually)
  • summer holidays are from July till the end of September
  • additionally we have short breaks for All Saints Day, Christmas, Easter and Day of Constitution


Submission of applications: from May 16