The Powiśle University was established in 1999. The past years have undoubtedly been a time of success, many substantive, developmental and directional achievements, but also hard work, requiring sacrifice. We cultivate academic values, but educate students who are open to the needs of the changing labor market. 

The University of Powiśle in Kwidzyn has been successfully educating students in economic, social and medical faculties for 20 years and conducts postgraduate studies.

We invite you to study at the Powiśle University, the only university with an amazing, family atmosphere of studying. Candidates wishing to study and choose first-cycle studies can take advantage of the following educational offer.

The offer of the University includes full-time and extramural studies in Polish and English.

Our offer includes 1st and 2nd degree studies, i.e. bachelor and master studies.

Our graduates, thanks to high-quality, innovative, modern, original methods, largely creative and professional and reputable academic staff, consisting of outstanding scientists and effective practitioners with extensive professional experience, supported by successes, are ideally prepared for the implementation of individual professions, including professional careers, and above all, to changing market conditions. The university, meeting modern educational trends and the expectations of students, employers and the labor market, is constantly developing and expanding its offer of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. We have been successfully implementing the Erasmus + program, which enables our students to travel abroad for educational purposes, including study, apprenticeship, training or volunteering, it also creates opportunities for our students to study in an international environment thanks to the permanent presence of foreign students at the University. With selected Partners in the field of Economics, we run „Two Diplomas” programs, which enable students from all over the world to obtain a European diploma.

The university has positive grades of the Polish Accreditation Committee in all faculties and a certificate of the National Accreditation Council of Schools of Nurses and Midwives in nursing, first and second degree studies, as well as many Quality Certificates of renowned Accreditation Institutes. This means that the University meets the staffing, program and organizational requirements, and also has an adequate and modern teaching base.

We are also not resting on our laurels, we are constantly working on new faculties, in accordance with the needs of employers – currently these are: obstetrics, IT and psychology, as well as on the opening of a branch of the University, in accordance with the suggestions and needs of local governments and candidates – currently: a branch in Gdańsk, Toruń and Koscierzyna.

The employees of the Information and Marketing Department and the Dean’s Office will provide detailed information on the study program and recruitment rules. For more up-to-date information please visit our website  as well as social media: